COVID-19 Event Update

This year’s Sydney Candlelight Memorial will be a little different as we prioritise our health and safety, especially physical distancing guidelines. On Sunday 17 May 2020, we encourage you to mark this day as individuals rather than in gatherings. Please light a candle or use a mobile phone flashlight from your terrace, balcony, garden or anywhere safe. Photograph and share the moment across social media, and include the hashtag #candlelightmemorial2020 or #WeRemember. Please ensure you do not include the names of those who have passed in your social media out of respect to our loved ones whom we have lost to HIV/AIDS.

Candlelight Memorial Stamp 2020

Sydney AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2020

The Sydney AIDS Candlelight Memorial is a time when members of the community can come together and reflect on and remember all those who have passed away from HIV/AIDS. It is held on International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day, which is on the 3rd Sunday of May each year.

Date: Sunday 17 May 2020
Time: 3pm (or any time that suits you)
Location: Virtual event

Honour a Loved One

Submit the name of a loved one to be honoured at the memorial here